Hello to anybody wandering through my blog. I hope you enjoy what you see, :)). I've always loved taking photos, but i'm
quite new to the deeper side of photography. I invite all knowledge and criticisms with open arms and an open mind.
All work is my own, unless otherwise stated, and therefore copyrighted to me. Feel free to enjoy my work in other places, I only ask you leave the original source intact so the work remains linked back to me. Credit where's it due and all that. You know what I mean. I thank you in advance for that my friends,:))
Take it easy people, and enjoy,:)).

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The Riches

Stretchin’ out in the sun like a cat in the window
Hillside changin’ colors as I’m watchin’ shadows throw
I’m laughin’ that is rich, puts my stomach in a stitch
Early bird from the perch lookin’ down
Can see all the world’s riches

Lyrics The Riches by 
Janes Addiction

From the top, Me, Vince and Cillian,:)). Photo of me taken by Vince.

The Norway series,:))

'Pebbles and puddles, or boulders and ponds' :))

The bottom picture is a crop of the center of the top photo.

It never ceases to amaze me how size and scale diminish when dealing with truly epic landscapes. I’m coming down a ridge, probably 30 meters above those trekkers, I don’t know how many hundreds of meters away, and they are probably 30 meters above the edge of the cliff to the left of them, and again, I don’t know how many hundreds of meters away from it. 

For anybody wanting to do some serious hiking in Norway, I offer this photo as a tip. In most places, once you break a certain height, there is nothing. These areas are only accessible for a few months a year, once the snow and ice melts, and only the hardiest of flora has a chance to regrow before the ice comes again. Besides water, everything else you need to live you will have to have with you. The nearest road can be miles and miles away and 800 to 1,200 meters below, down mountainous terrain. And be warned, even at this height, if you don’t have mosquito repellent, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!!! Especially once the sun goes down. You are literally sitting in clouds of the little beasts. So basically, the better prepared you are, the longer you can stay away. We ran out of food at breakfast on the second morning, we packed up and hit the 11km trek back to the car. We made it back just after lunch, battle hardened but weary.

So be warned, but not discouraged, because the views are spectacular. Just do your homework on where your going. There are plenty of fjords the you can drive around. They’re just not as crazily epic as the ones you can hike to, stand on the rim of, and gaze out into their awesomeness,:))

The Norway series,:)).

'The Long Walk' :))

I’ve walked a few kilometers, in a few different places on the earth, but none have destroyed me like this one did. 2,800 steps, just over 1km long, over 450 meters high, nowhere to go but keep going down and with 15kg packs on our backs trying to topple us over with each step. Muscles I never knew I had were born and died again……and I was only half way down,haha,:)).

That is our car in the car park below, we left it there two nights ago. This old disused rail track is the last kilometer in a 22km round trip, 1,200 meters up into the mountains, to get on top of the fjord. It was brutal, it was barren and the sun raged at over 33 degrees for 16 hours a day without a cloud in the sky or a shadow for shade. I won’t lie, we weren’t prepared for such a harsh environment, but there was one thing that saved us. That was the endless supply of glacial melt water flowing in streams and waterfalls to fill our water bottles in. Even if you couldn’t see one, you could drink freely because you knew there was one around the next corner, or over the next ridge.

I have to admit though, it’s a cool feeling to know you’ve made a trek to see such an epic sight that not to many people have seen. It truly was an amazing experience, and I learned things about myself, but this last long walk, really gave me a kicking. :))

The Norway series,:)).

Messenger is getting me down.

Hello to friend old, new and those yet discovered,:)), I hope you are all well and happy.
After spending a week catching up on sending messages, replies, thanking for comments or reblogs, or even just saying hello, and I’m talking over 30 messages, I’ve got a reply from a grand total of 4 people.
But I think I’ve figured something out. I’m sure those four people I sent messages from my computer, all the rest were on my iPhone. Yesterday, I started sending messages from my computer, and hey presto, replies…..Yay,:))).
Now I’m wondering if there’s an issue with iPhones, and wondered if anyone else that uses an iPhone is having any such issues?
The harsh thing is, is that none of my messages have got through, and for how long it’s been going on I just don’t know.
So hoping that I’ve figured it out, and because it would be impossible to send everything again as I am the worst typer in the world, that’s why I send from my iPhone…..all hail the predictive text!!!! haha :))), I need to throw a HUGE blanket of love out there again to absolutely everybody that has had anything to do with the appreciation that my Norway series has received. From the beautiful photography sites and the tumblr editors, to the amazing reblog community, givers hearts and friends. As always a special thanks for all the comments,:))). I reply to every single comment that gets left on my work, so if you have commented, ever, and not heard from me, then I assure I have and apologise if you thought I was just being rude and ignoring. But most of all to all of you as beautiful people, away from the tumblr tags I just mentioned, I thank you all from my heart.
I really was happy enough just to show you all some of the beauty of Norway, I had no idea that so many of you were looking forward to sharing in the beauty with me. I’m touched, proud, and genuinely overwhelmed by the love, not to mention staggered by some of the note counts some photos have received. It gives me such a big smile to see so many people enjoying Norway and her beautiful landscapes,:)).
And that is where I wish to give my biggest thanks, to Norway and her beautiful landscapes, as I’m under no illusion that it is with her that all the credit lies, not with me who merely showed up and pushed a few buttons on a camera.
So again, thanks to all you amazing people, and I look forward to being able to make contacts again!!! :))). I also look forward to catching up with all of your amazing work, which is something I’ve not been able to do much of in the last two weeks. I’m sure I’m going to be blown away by the gorgeous work I’ve missed out on,:)).
Take it easy my friends, and enjoy,:)).

P. s. Anybody got any advice on how you get over that fact that you’ve just produced your best work, are unlikely to be able to catch anything like that for the near future, and it’s all you want to shoot? I can’t seem to answer that question myself.