Hello to anybody wandering through my blog. I hope you enjoy what you see, :)). I've always loved taking photos, but i'm
quite new to the deeper side of photography. I invite all knowledge and criticisms with open arms and an open mind.
All work is my own, unless otherwise stated, and therefore copyrighted to me. Feel free to enjoy my work in other places, I only ask you leave the original source intact so the work remains linked back to me. Credit where's it due and all that. You know what I mean. I thank you in advance for that my friends,:))
Take it easy people, and enjoy,:)).

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The Curtain Call

Hello my beautiful tumblr friends, I hope all has been amazing with you all.
I’ve not been around much of late for unforeseen reasons, but none the less you have all been relentless in showing your love for my Norway series. That has been very special for me to see, and I thank you all.
Well the day I was dreading has finally arrived, as I knew it would have to but just didn’t want to let go. Yes indeed, the day has come to bring the curtain down on my beloved Norway series. It’s time to get my head out of the clouds and move one with some new work. And in the clouds my head has indeed been. The success and interest in the series has blown me away, I won’t lie about that.
So before I move on, I really need to throw a blanket of love out there, and even more so because I gave up on my messenger about a month ago so haven’t tried to send out any thanks.
So a huge shout out to all the photos sites that featured any photos from the series. I think almost every site featured a photo, but a massive thanks to has to be given to The beautiful families of Lensblr, LuxLit, and Jason over at theebrokenpath, you guys have all featured multiple photos from the series, and your interest really has blown me away!!!!:)))
Next, to the editors. Wow, I never would have foreseen a series of mine could receive the number of blue tags that it did, so a very big thanks for making feel even more proud of a series I was already very proud of,:))).
To a group I have not really had that much experience with up until now, the reblogging community, I’d like to send a whole bunch of love to. You are a beautiful and powerful machine, and when you all get going note counts begin to soar. It’s been special to watch and I thank you all for the buzz you all gave me,:))).
As always and as ever, the biggest thanks goes out to all the beautiful photographers on tumblr. Thank you all from my heart for all the support, encouragement and feedback that you always offer so freely. You’re are truly a special bunch of people,:))).
And of course a massive and mighty thank you goes to Norway and her amazing fjords, because ultimately it was her beauty that touched us all. I was merely a guy that showed up with a camera to capture some of that beauty. So Norway, I salute you my dear friend, and I look forward to dancing a beautiful dance with you again in future days,:))).
So, all that being said, I have indeed been on another adventure and I really looking forward to showing you all where I’ve been to play. I dare say I’ll start posting that series tonight,:)). I’m looking forward to showing, but am also looking forward to some long overdue catching up, so I really do hope my messenger has had a chance to sort itself out. Fingers crossed, as my tumblr experience has been far to quiet for my liking of late.
Take it easy my friends, enjoy, be amazing, and most of all, be happy,:))). One love my friends,:))).

photos 1&2- the sun rises over the glacier while we cook some breakfast. At this point we’re about 500 meters  

photo 3- the sun climbs higher, illuminating the flatter ground below where we were just eating breakfast. At this point we’re at about 750 meters. Our car is in the valley bellow. You can see the path leading away to the upper left of center. The massive shadow to the left is the 1,200 meter ridge we need to crest and then we are truly on top of the fjord,:)).

photo 4- the sun climbs higher still, and so do we. We’re now at about 900 meters. I love the debris trail that leads the eyes through this shot. Massive lumps of rock deposited by past glaciers that shaped the land long ago.

These aren’t the prettiest pictures, but I do love how they show the brutality of the environment. It’s funny to think, even now as I post these photos, the snow will already be trying to reclaim this landscape.

The Norway series,:)).